Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I LOVE LOVE LOVE thunderstorms. Love them! And guess what it's doing? Thunderstorming! We totally needed it. It's been so hot and humid.

Everyone at work has been getting colds. Well, four staff. My theory: We move from 90+ degrees to 75 three times a day. and vice versa. Not good for me. And now my nose it dripping and it is driving me insane!!! Today Donnie and I were in my room and we're running out of tissues. And it's not because FernGully2 is so sad.

Today was stressful. I had the youngest group and they are a handful. I don't like yelling, and sitting them in time out isn't working. And... Then, we finally get all sitting down and settled, and half of them need to use the bathroom. They were JUST THERE!!! "But you didn't tell us to use the bathroom." And yet they are offended without me telling time, make noise without me telling them, attack eachother without me telling them!!

The older groups are so SENSATIVE! One girl thinks everyone hates her. That them touching her in passing was them smacking her because they want her to die. Another girl starts crying when a boy says her friend is the finest girl in the world. And I'm like.... um. you're HOW old??

There are a few kids I really like. The ones that behave and listen and are respectful and .... Quiet? Ok, I admit, my number one rule is Be Quiet. They get so loud. I'm losing my voice as it is. And yesterday they took half an hour to finally get them all in thier groups. Today I took my groups during lulls in conversation and left.

And yeah, I'm frustrated at some of the staff. I'm not going to talk about that, because they might actually read this sometime. And then never speak to me. grrr.

Divorce stinks. One of the kids is torn up about their parents divorce. They've been divorced a while, I"m not sure how long, but things are changing now, and he doesn't want them too. If you guys could pray for him, that God would be able to use me or some one to help him out. That He'd change teh situation or make it bearable for the kid.

If there's one thing that tears me up, it's kids hurting. Like the little second grader with the headache and tears pouring down his face. But how much can one camp counselor do? Pray, yeah, which should feel totally sufficient, but I'd like to do something to help them right now. The whole attitude is an underestimation of the Lord. Stupid human.

My grandparents are getting here this week. I'm psyched. I can hardly wait!! Woohoo! um yeah. :P

Oh and my mom told coach "yes" that the word is russian, which would be "da" then the kids started calling him coach Da. Some of them got in trouble for that..... It's kinda my fault, yet they wouldn't listen when I corrected them. Anyway.

Dobree Vechare

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tah Dah!!!!

Guess What?? Bethany has a blog and I read it!!! And you should too!

She's going to hate me probably. But no one but the almighty sniper monkey posted on hers. You ought to be ashamed. She was the first one to post on mine, and I took this long to post on hers. I guess I figured her loads of friends would be quick to comment on her wonderful wit and humor. However, they have hesitated to do so. Now I've got to go beat them up. Er, I mean encourage them to comment.

Beth is one of the coolest sisters I have, ranking in the top three you know. And that's pretty high. So you all better show her some respect and go post. Like good ol' Joe. In fact, if you don't, I may have Joe concoct some pyro something for you.

You can go look at Joe's too. It's pretty cool. Like the fighting cats and all. I'll put the link up too. And Jacob has a picture with Big Ben.

Any way, as they say, Go Mira you bunch of coots!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Duh Duh Duh!

I don't know why that's the title. Just sounded fun.

Well, today went well. Work. Wonderful, seriously. My first day of an actual lesson. I'm in the ED center. Which means some education might be a good idea. So this week everyone is learning about Mexico. Woohoo!

It's fun with the older kids. We have five sets of the same Encyclopedia, so I break them into teams with a list of questions to answer. Completely random info. Like, what was the first book printed in the western hemisphere and where was it printed? (it may have been published...) Anyway. Common knowledge, right? No one has gotten it right yet. They're listing books from the seventies. Nineteen seventies. Noah Webster anyone? Uncle Tom's Cabin? Hardy Boys for goodness sakes...

But the first graders learned about what a farmer would grow, that about a quarter of the people would be farmers, what countries touch Mexico and what bodies of water. Then they played pictionary. With words about Mexico, like tortilla and Pinata and stuff. Or Spanish, whatever.

The oldest group I had, sixth graders, took twice as long as the fourth graders to finish their scavenger hunt. But, they got a lot more right, at least the winning team did. Fifteen out of eighteen. My brother was on that team :D. I didn't help them any more than anyone else, I promise. They just know how to use the encyclopedia.

And... hmmm.... one kid got really mad at me. But then later he apologized. That was so sweet of him. He came up, and he's like "Miss Marguerite, I have something to tell you." And I'm thinking, oh no, someone hit him... Then he's like "sorry." and gave me a hug. Kids are great, you know. Adults never say it that easily. Er, well, I sure don't. Of course, tomorrow I'll probably be yelling at him for the same thing I did today... but...

Then one of my coworkers got flowers for their birthday and it was really sweet. I think that'd be cool. To have flowers delivered. And everyone sang happy birthday.

My job is so much fun. Of course, Coach yes was a bit frustrated at me.... But it wasn't my fault, I promise!!!! I didn't do it! Then this evening a coworker gave us a lift home, and so we're teasing his brothers and all. They're a cool bunch. :D

And I had a planning period which I kinda wasted upstair at the front desk. But that's the coolest place to be. Cause my totally awesome sister works there.

OOh and next week, My boss said I could rot the kids' minds! They get to watch movies in my room!!!! Isn't that awesome? I'm excited. The Beverly Hillbillies and FernGully2. Just don't tell them. Although I just thought maybe National Treasure. That's clean and hey, I like it, Dan likes it, why shouldn't they? It's got romance, but not too much, Action, wonderful action, mystery, intelligence, history like you wouldn't (well maybe you would) believe. Yeah that's better. National Treasure it is! :)

Now you all can see how I think. sometime this summer I'm going to make them watch the Swiss Family Robinson. I absolutely love that one. Their tree house is so cool. In the book they live in a cave too. And the water fall!!! seriously you should go see it.

Anywho. I need my rest. For the kids. Otherwise I'm a tad bit short. :P


PS I"m homeschooled and this is soooo true. Check it out.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

fire and brimstone

Today our youth pastor preached for the adults. Scott's pretty cool. I would have said awesome, but he did a lesson on true awesomeness and I've yet to find someone who is truly awesome. Anyway. It was a good sermon. About reaching the Greater Need.

I should explain it. But... Well, you can check out Luke 17:19-28. Jesus took care of the Greater Need. The spiritual need. How many people do I know? A lot. How many of them are going to hell? Not a Whole lot, as far as I know, but some of them yeah. Why am I ok with that? You don't often find me crying because of it. Once in a while, yeah. But not often. And I'll halfheartedly talk about my Savior. That's not right though. It's just not.

You know, I'm all depressed about things happening here, to me. And I'll cry over that and cry out to my Lord for that. But for someone who doesn't know Him? "It's their choice, I talked to them." Whatever. The prayer of the righteous man availeth much. Well, I'm not righteous by any means. Stinking rotten more like. Doesn't mean I can't pray, though.

I'm more worried about my hair and my tan than about my friends..... You can all disown me now.

You know, this morning, Scott preaches this great sermon, my mom joins the church, and my dad comments on how good it was. Then we get home and we go back to the same sour life. Snapping at eachother and filling the house with strife. That tears me up.

Enough of my depressingness I suppose. Later

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday seems a lot like Sunday sometimes

Today is a bored day. I slept until ten. Then I did laundry, took a shower, then my aunt and uncle came over. Then more laundry, ate lunch, took a nap, then online. Bored.

And Jacob leaves tomorrow. *sigh* I will seriously miss him.

And then work again. And I have things that i'm supposed to do for my mom. That's why I"m bored. Because I'm avoiding things. I hate it when I do that.

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm getting tan!!! very nice. Except it's a farmer's tan. But it's cool anyway. Skin cancer here I come!! Actually studies have shown that you do need a little bit of sun. So about forty five minutes a day scattered through-out the day might be a good thing.

You know, knowing this many kids, you don't go anywhere with out seeing someone you know, or at least recognize. Tonight my mom and I went to Walmart and the grocery store, and in both places we saw kids from work. One I recognized, but I don't know his name yet. The other we've known all year.

I had the oldest group of kids today for the first time. They're sooo much fun. They're the one's going into highschool. Outside of work, I hang out with kids their age. So we have fun. Cracking jokes the whole time.

Oh, my drama amigos, one of them told another to shake his ears. I thought it was hilarious. I work in the Ed Center, and I told them that when I'm gone for a week one of the guy counselors will be taking over. This guy is really fun, always joking around, He calls me Margarita to "liven things up." So while I"m gone it's going to be the Special ED Center. A hahaha hah. THEY thought it was funny.

And then there's one boy in the group who's the Camp clown, he's seriously funny. Then there are two girls in the same group that think he's hilarious. They laugh at Everything he says. That's pretty funny.

Then there's the kid who hated me the first day, and I think now believes I'm Gullible. I'm not stupid. I know he stole half the candy. He won't be getting anymore. That's all. On the one hand he's cool. On the other, he likes to see what he can get away with. He didn't know how to play Uno. So we taught him today. He has one of the most beautiful smiles.

There's one girl who is VERY quiet. the other day the whole group had to sit and be quiet because they were acting up. So I was "babysitting" them for their counselor. So I was talking to them. They're in trouble, I can lecture all I want. Woohoo. Anyway. They were cutting up some more a bit. If I had to talk to their counselor, they'd be sitting even longer, all of them. So I point out that that would mean this one girl would have to sit too. "HOw much has she been talking and cutting up all day?" And one of them says, "She hasn't made a peep!" I guess maybe you have to know this kid...

I work at a daycare, for those of you who didn't know and haven't picked it up yet. Like Maybe Pyro Joe or something. It's a great place to work. There are some kids who SERIOUSLY get on your nerves, but then there are the ones that are absolutely wonderful.

Oooh and the new staff guy talked today! it may not be a good thing. I yelled at the kids during snack yesterday, cause they wouldn't be quiet so we could send them to their classes. I was pretty fed up and kinda went off on them. So Charlie is like "maybe you should try again today." It was funny. Then we got to talking about his new tattoo and stuff. I had two conversations about body peircing today. It was weird. One was with a kid about peircings. Another with Charlie about his tattoos. They're cool. Ok, it's late, I need my rest.

Dobree Vechar

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I survived... barely

For those of you who were paying attention to yesterday's post, like Jason, (who has a new blog, btw, check it out.) I was super nervous about the summer daycare. But I have survived two days of it. Not like I'm an old pro or something... But I'm still alive and some of the kids don't hate me yet. Some do.

But yeah it happens. Some of the kids end up hating me, because i don't let them get away with things. well... for the most part. Some of them are really sweet. There's one, who does this awesome monkey face. He's pretty sweet. A seven year old proposed to me today. I was flattered, said I was too old for him, he's like "how old are you?" They're great.

What's funny is when the kids from last year think I"m my sister. They come up talking to me like I know them. It's really funny. Seriously. But we're used to the kids doing double takes when they leave the front desk, come to my room for snack and they're like, wait, you were just upstairs..."

I'm meeting the new staff too. A lot of them are new. We about doubled our normal crew. So I'm getting to know the college kids and all. It's a lot of fun. One of the guys who's been there all year, but as a junior counselor volounteer, he's started calling me Margarita.

And my dad picked up that awful nickname that Cheese calls me, and it's all Bertha's fault.

The new staff are pretty cool, of course, I haven't actually met them all. There's one girl I don't know, and a guy who I just met today. He's quiet, she's... I have no clue, she's on the trips taking kids to the pool or something. :D

Just so you all know, I'm prob going to be a lot skinnier at the end of this summer. We have about five minutes to eat lunch, and then we're talking to kids and all. And I'm riding my bike to work and back half the time. I'll have to get pointers from Applesauce Man on how to not be too skinny.

I have to remember names for about two hundred kids. I'm doing pretty well, I think. Except of course, the two that I mix up. Every year there has to be a couple of them. This time at least the names both start with the same letters. During the school year, they weren't. But those two hung out together, these two don't, one's a trouble maker, the other's a pretty good kid, but I always call his name when the other one is acting up. Pretty frustrating. And the good kid is like, I'm not doing anything. Prob by the end of the summer, they'll be answering to eachother's names, at least in my room.

I could go on. But I'm seriously tired, those kids will wear you out. I'm going to stop making sense or catching typos. So long for now.

Monday, June 20, 2005

In Response to that last comment...

I've got comments! I've got comments!

I don't know what the usual courtesy for replying to these things is, so I"m going to reply here. :)

Bertha- Who is Sloth? It's not Nasty Asia is it? And fyi, he doesn't think you love him more than Sloth and I. He thinks you don't like him at all. So there :-P

Donutguy~ ADAM!!!!! he's right, I do know him. actually I think Jacob and Adam might actually know a little about each other.... Anywho... ADAM!!! good to see you how was the lastest week of work/Halo?

Mouth2Big~ I saved the best for last. :D I will not play a sheepskin, but I do have a Daduke somewhere around here, it sounds like a duck and you look like a chipmunk exploding with you play it. Lots of fun. :) Bagpipes are cool though. Speaking of which, does Micheal have a blog where we can annoy him to death with a million comments on why he didn't wear the kilt to the formal?

Yesterday we went and visited my Grampa. I didn't know this, but he was run over by a car twice, this is added to his finger getting cut off by a broken bottle. And he flew a plane in WW2, the eqivalent of 28 times around the equator. Pretty cool.

Then we went to D.C. and saw the new WW2 memorial and the Korean war and the Jefferson and mason and Lincoln Memorial. And I went to Georgetown for the first time that I can remember in my life. Which is weird. Anyway. Take care. I'm off to work..... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005


So, yesterday Gary and I were talking, and he told me about something he's been chewing on. (not really, that'd be gross). See, you know how God the Father calls himself Abba Father, which is like Daddy. Gary was thinking, why didn't he want to be called Grandfather?

So he was comparing the roles of Daddy and Grampas. I don't know about your Grampa, but Mine has never grounded or spanked me. And I wasn't an exceptionally bad kid, but I did get punished a bit, by my dad.

So a father chastens us. And the Lord does that. Just look at the Isrealites. They were almost always in some kind of trouble. He grounded them with droughts and famines, spanked them with the Assyrians, Babylonians, and all those other people who they fought with and lost.

So that was that thought.

Oh and we're reading Haggai now. The first chapter is about God telling the people to build His temple. And they're like, no this isn't the time, we don't have the money. And He says, kids, you've got things in your houses you don't need, you spent money for those, but you won't build my house?

So how does this apply to me? I am God's temple. If you think about it spiritually, am I taking time to make my mind, heart, an acceptable home for the Lord? They said it's not the right time. For me, I'm always running and wasting time on stupid things then I "don't have time."

That's my thought for the day.

By the way you crazy drama people, Cheese is a nickname for a person... I'm guessing you got that. But ... whate'er, you're all crazy!! (me too)

Today we had training. They made the staff play those games we make the kids play to wear them out. Woohoo! It wasn't so bad. We got to spend time with our new co-workers. AHHH. Camp starts on Monday and I am going to be freaking out. It's a gigantic responsibility, and then there's the inspectors who show up with no notice and .... We're going to have new kids. The kids during the school year I know, and they're pretty good, but you hear all these horror stories at training. Yikes. OK, I've got to go. Later you all.

Friday, June 17, 2005

To Cheese

I dedicate this post to Cheese. Cheese is really nice, except to Bertha sometimes. Not sour, for the most part, whatever you've been told about milk.

I'm not sure if this particular Cheese is orange or yellow or blue. I"m thinking caucasian, blue, brown. This Cheese is from SC, we've been to the same mall before.

This Cheese is more commonly known as Dan, is definately human, has never molded or been on a sandwich. Really nice guy.

Hah, Cheese, I wrote about you, now you have to read my blog!!! :P

Thursday, June 16, 2005


ok, so yeah, I'm excited over my sister saying I'm awesome. But it's the first comment I've ever ever ever had on a blog! Woohoo! And Bertha beat you all to it. You ought to be ashamed. A million of you reading my blog, you absolutely love it, and yet it's my very own sister who comments first.

I guess my whit just leaves you all speachless. Or whatever.

Sorry, Marieke, that's your act. You can have it back now.

Today we had CPR training. That was fun. The lady who was teaching told a lot of stories so it was interesting enough. But let me tell you, daycare training is not for the weak. I had to do compressions about a hundred gazillion times. That poor dummy. And well, the awful stories you hear. They tell you so that you make sure to pay attention. And not loaf on the job.

I start full time next week. Woohoo. I"m a bit nervous, I get to have my own room. Not like I don't now, but summer is.... More responsibility. Yikes. But I'll do fine :). Today i found some games that the kids liked. Sigh. Tomorrow's the last day of school. It's a half day. I'll be at work for six hours. oh boy.

I think I'll end now. If anyone needs first aid or CPR, I"m certified. yeah, after the way I drone on and on, you'll all be hurtin.

Dude, it's like Jacob's story, only...not

Ok so tonight, I was in the kitchen and I saw this big spider, like an inch diameter. It was big. Not being one to kill spiders like that, I never have, there's less mess if you move them outside. So I got a cup and paper and moved it outside, and when I dropped it on the ground, all these ants are crawling allllllllll over it. I mean ALL over it!!! Ants like that in hoardes, swarms, creep me out to begin with. But I picked up the spider, it was walking around. It's like the ants were inside it or crawling in one big seamless covering that just looked like spider skin. That just creeeps me out. EWwwww

And if you want to know what I mean by Jacob's story, it's in his blog, the link to which is over there.----->

Also, we're reading Zephaniah in our family devotions. I think it's so ... cool is not the word, but what word would describe the Lord, or His actions? Anyway, all through the book, He talks about the Judgement on Jerusalem and calls them to repentance. Then at the end He speaks of a time of peace, Jerusalem is at peace with her Lord, and He is happy with her. If you look in 3:9-20, it's God happy with her. It says He will rest in His love, He won't need to Chasten her in love or He's not jealous in HIs love, He's not laboring in His love. It's a time of total peace. And everyone rejoices. Totally Awesome.

Dobree Vetchare

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How about a real post for once? um. That would require me to find something to talk about.

I'm reading this book, Greatest Stories Never Told, by Rick Beyer. It's got some pretty cool stories. Like Dr. Guilotine, he made the Guilotine the popular choice for decapitation, when he died, his kids all changed their names. And Dracula was fashioned after Vlad the Impaler, son of Dracul, (which means Devil). The most successful pirate was a Chinese woman, Hsi Kai. Kilts were actually a British invention, and Bagpipes come from the Middle east somewhere.

Last year when I was in Armenia, we went to a concert. An old man played a sheepskin, it was an awful lot like a bagpipe. It's a dying art there, it seems. They said he was the only one in the area who could play it.

Do you know how many times in Proverbs it talks about a fool and his mouth? A lot. How many times do we talk of absolutely empty things? And all the times we say things just to fill space? Oh my gosh, it means nothing and we say it when we have nothing to say. And on IM, lol is a plague. How many times are you actually laughing? Not many in my case. If I took a whole day and said nothing, writing down all the times I wanted to say something that was nothing. I'd have about ten minutes of decent conversation left. And then there are all the times I speak, and say something that is not the least bit edifying. It says somewhere "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth." Or something like that. Probably half of what I say is to put someone down or to laugh at them. Anyway. just something to think about.

Later Folks.

To Explain the Name

Many of you know me as Pearl. I'm a Christian. I believe that earth is not my permanent home. Like a pearl, I'm destined for better things than sitting on the belly of an oyster. (think about it, that's gross.) But before a pearl can become the centerpiece of a beautiful ring, it must first be made more than a grain of sand. And to do that, it annoys the poor oyster until the thing dies. So that's what I'm here for, to annoy you all to death. LOL not. Living here isn't the easiest thing, you all know that, but it's a place where I need the Lord. Living here makes me realize that. And being close to Him will make one beautiful.

My turn

It's after midnight. I have to go to Driving school tomorrow. It's like a hundred degrees. It's all Jacob's fault. But that's ok. We love him anyway. I'm going to bed. Catch you later.
~The Fool