Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm moving out. into the yard.

Actually I'm serious. See, my dad, the master builder/architect guy, is going to build a small outbuilding that will be fully furnished with heating and electricity and we're trying to work out water. And it will be mine, and mine alone. MY OWN ROOM FOLKS!!! Can you imagine? Ok, so it will be small, but cozy, with a sleeping loft and.... oooo I can hardly wait! And we're also considering a porch. :D

Ok, you know how excited I am over this, but imagine. Remember, i have two Daddies. And my Papa, you know, the Almighty Lord? Well, he's building me a house too. And it's way beyond having plumbing. And a porch. So how much more excited can I be about that?? :D OK, my sister only lent me the phone, so I must be going. Take my shoe.

PS. I pulled out my armenian pop music. Marieke, we'd have a blast with this stuff. Practice our "Lightbulb" :D:D:D:D:D:D I'm bringing it to work with me tomorrow. Heehee. Make the kids listen to it. :D I"m so cruel. Take care my friends.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


um. like with half my posts, it's storming outside now.

I'm wearing orange nail polish that matches my shirt, on my fingers. My toes are a different color. but i"m wearing shoes.

I drove a car for the first time on monday. Yesterday I went faster than 5 mph.

I've applied for college, officially. Now just to hear back...

Jacob's leaving. David is going to Jordan for months.

It's been really really hot. I have an awesome co-worker who picks me up half way to work sometimes. Thank you Brandon!

Josh saved a kid from choking yesterday. He's my hero. (seriously though, I was scared when the kid came over to us, but Josh was.. well, he was scared too, but just got up and tried the heimlich and the kid was fine. Seriously though, Josh is really really cool.) He should be staff.

Later y'all.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm BACK!!!

Didja miss me? I missed home. Mostly for the washing machine, dryer, toilet paper and shower that's usually free. And you guys and my family.

Oh. I just realized something. I start school before Jason gets here. That stinks totally. Oh well. I'll make time.

Camp was really great. I'm exhausted, can't sing, and sound like a guy, but it was totally worth it. I called home and my own sister didn't recognize my voice. My Lord really used the camp to convict me of some stuff. And I've completely given my life to Him. Which is worth anything bad that happened there.

I also made some new friends. And got to know some old ones better. It was a really good week.

I think the biggest thing was how much time was set apart for Scripture. I mean it wasn't really that much. An hour or two a day? only a quarter of it was personal quiet time. But that's more than normal. A shame. But the truth. I"m going to change that in my life. I mean, usally it's been about forty five minutes a day, with maybe five of them just me. prob not that much. I prayed this week more than I have in a long time. When I sang the songs in church this morning, they meant something new. Like I actually meant what they said. That's a big change. It's totally totally wrong to sing them otherwise, but I did.

Ok, this may seem all cliche or brainwashed or something, but there may be a slight major change in my plans for college. See, the BI specializes in why I wanted to go to LU. I can get the other LU stuff, like an education, at the local college. For way less money! and I can live in our new house. Which I really wanted to do. And keep my job. Maybe. Except for the year I"m up North for BI. Don't worry, they give a month for Christmas and Thanksgiving and a long Easter break.

Our speaker in the morning showed like four calvin and hobbes comics every day. :) Isn't that cool, my calvin loving friends?

Ok, I"m exhausted. And there's WORK!!!! tomorrow!!!!! Goodnight to all, from Rexall!

PS. you know Baloo, the bear from jungle book, and Little john from Robin Hood, were both spoken by Phil Harris???? Isn't that so strange? I never even knew it! But then we watched them both on the way home and I could see both bears saying, "Now Remly, be reasonable..." or alice.... I can't remember which. One's his brother, the other his wife. i think Both.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Crash Boom Bang!

Jiminy Cricket, it was really thundering. Right outside our house it sounded like. I had to go hold the dog. I was afraid he'd get electrocuted.

Work is crazy, as usual. Charlie. Today we took all our kids in my room, then he sat in the back, and I was in charge of pictionary and everything. Then he left them all with me at the end. I don't have a problem with that, but I wich he'd tell me what's up. You know, through the whole hour all he said to me was, "I wish I could take my kids in the Ed Center." I really don't mind that. But it's just weird sometimes. Do they think I"m a pushover looking for acceptance? Um, no. I'm easygoing, I don't mind. Josh is welcome to my fries and I don't mind giving him a dollar. I don't mind taking Charlie's kids in with mine, but .... A little help please.

Now Ana and I are packing for camp. We leave at 4 AM Saturday morning. Ana's going crazy. She's bringing almost everything blue. We're on the Blue team. I have matching luggage for the first time in my life. :P My backpack and duffel bag have a matching hibiscus pattern in blue. LLBean ROCKS! I've decided to forgo clean clothes and take Jacob with me. My duffel is big enough. He's going to tell his manager he's eloping with Miranda Otto. haha. that's actually .... not believable. Truthfully I don't think he would. Seriously, to run off with someone he's never met, who's faith is unknown, who's in Hollywood.... He wouldn't do it.

Jason, it was nice to talk to you after forever. You sound different and you do such funny voices and all.

I've really got to get back to packing. Dobree Dzyen

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A kettle of fish.

Oh boy. that's all I can say about this kettle. on the one hand I wish it would just go away. But on the other I don't like what would happen for it to go away, or at least the most likely way for it to go away. Of course there's always the way I would like the problem solved, but it's rather unlikely, would take two to six years and I'm not sure it's the wisest decision. Definately not at this point. And you're all like HUH?? Except for perhaps Marieke. But even she does not realize the extent of my predicament. Or perhaps she does. Jacob, don't be offended. You wouldn't want to hear about it anyway. Believe me.

Our good friend Pat was back today at church. He's only in the states for a few weeks then it's back to Jordan. That's Mitchell's dad for those who know who he is. Pat is so funny. I miss their whole family. Talked to Marshall the other day. He sounds fine. Same crazy humor. You've got to love him. Uncle Pat didn't recognize me though. I think he thought I was Bethany. Or something. LOL. He's standing behind me talking to Daddy, "Your oldest isn't here today." yes sir I am, I'm right here :).

I'm such a town girl. The thought of living ten miles from the store is terrifying to me. It makes me claustrophobic. Even if I have a car the idea of living that far away from "civilization" scares me. I suppose if there were something to keep me there I'd be ok. Something like a horse or having a friend live with us. But ... And I know Beth would go crazy. She likes to be glued to her computer, but she also likes to go to work eight or nine hours a day. And to movies on weekends.

My sister is sitting on her bed reading Genesis. The Lord just made Man. She's six.

People keep asking how I can buy a car when I've never driven. Um. The same way you do if you have driven. You just don't test drive it yourself.

Now I'm just babbling.

Marieke. There IS NO NOVEL!!! er, sorry. Yeah. It's all a figment of Jacob's imagination.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

OH I'm tired....

Today was my Graduation Party. It was totally awesome. Totally Totally. awesome isn't the right word, but I"m too tired to choose something else.

And boy am I tired.

But I am soooo .... I don't want to say happy, but that's the word. Kinda shallow right? a party makes me happy. But.. it's true so live with it. I mean, my feet are going to be crippled tomorrow. But I don't care. It's my fault anyway. Stupid flipflops. Jacob, I should have worn your shoes when I took them.

And yeah Jacob, that was all me. Marieke didn't even know what was going on until just before you and john nearly broke the door. But that was sooooooo much fun. Believe it or not, it's great fun to get histerically scared with the girls once in a while.

So I took their shoes when they were on the trampoline and hid them pretty much in plain site, just not where people usually look. Then John notices, and accuses Mariane and Kate. They have no clue. Then we go inside with Marieke, and then john's coming in so we run upstairs to "hide" in my room. Kate and I go upstairs there in the loft while Marieke guards the door, still not knowing that I took his shoes. So he busts in and demands his shoes back from Mariane and Marieke. While Kate and I are in the loft cracking up because he doesn't know we're there. So then he leaves and we're all four of us in the loft, and Jacob and John bust in, and we all scream.
It was great fun.

And I got some wicked cool gifts. Marieke, gave me this totally cool cover for my new car's steering wheel. And Jacob gave me a BEAUTIFUL Journal. To write my Novel in. More on that later. And the coolest book from his trip.

My grandparents were talking with my mom tonight. They were commenting on what nice, good friends I have. Of course, they thought most of you were older. :P They asked if Kate was your girlfriend Jacob. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

And some of you got to meet my bosses. They're totally the coolest coolest coolest. :)

About that novel Jacob. I keep on trying to think of how I can write a novel. It's probably not going to happen. I could fill it with letters, or do like I did with the green notebook at Christmas. But a novel? I write what happens. not much else. I mean, I've written about two short stories my entire life, and I'm not even positive I finished the first draft. There was the one where I was an old lady living on the chesapeake bay. But mostly... It's like monologue kind of stuff. Not Novel. You're welcome to read it. Just remind me to dig it out. It's locked in a chest in a painted cigar box. I think.

This is most of the writing i do these days. ok. All of it.

And I would like to present Marieke with the #1 Poster award. :D It's good to know someone pays attention.

Buenos Noches

Thursday, July 07, 2005

explanation anyone?

I'm sorry for leaving you all in the dark. Last night I was tired. And angry a bit, but more really really sad. I was ready to start weeping right on the keyboard. Yes, folks, the Fool does cry.

The whole car business really makes me depressed for some reason. I do like the Car. It's a 98 Nissan Altima. It's got nice paint, tires and A Sunroof. Which I secretly wanted but it was frivolous so I didn't tell anyone. It's got lots of room for baseball equipment and siblings. It's green. It doesn't have a radio, but my dad has one to put in. So no problem. Grampa says it's good, probably for at least ten more years. But it was a way out of our price range. But... It's worked out and we're buying it. I was worried about cutting into college money. But it's worked out. :) I've been praying about it all day. It looked like I was going to have to pay back over a thousand dollars. Which from one perspective isn't much. From mine it's too much. I don't want to get into something that I couldn't handle. So we're buying a car and maybe I"ll actually drive for the first time.

um. Don't rush me.

I found out tonight that my cousin didn't tell my grandparents all our stories from last summer. So I get to tell them. From what they say she was pretty tight lipped. I'm pretty open, so the stories will come pouring out. :) My family was tired of them after two weeks. Heehee.

Jacob is back. need I say more?

My graduation party is on Saturday. I pray it doesn't rain like it is now. Our house is not that big.

My little sister is growing up. She's so helpful. Mommy was telling about how she took care of the lists while they were shopping. And she switched books with gramma for a page and read aloud. She's so funny in that way. She'll read books aloud to her stuffed animals. She's good at it too. I love her. Oh and tonight, she ASKED me to Brush her hair! She hates having it brushed. I was surprised. But she has such pretty hair. All long and straight and shiny. I envy her sometimes. but not really. My hair was like that once.

I've watched the first half of Flubber five times in the last two days. And the end none. :P Anyone know what happens in detail?

Another sister is seemingly ignoring my grandparents. She won't eat dinner with us. She's only been down to see them a couple of times... They do notice you know. It's a bit rude. Um. I guess it's not much of your business and she'll tell me so no doubt. But.... We don't talk and she doesn't like to listen to me anyway.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

$$$$$ is the root of all evil.

Grampa is here.
He's expert on cars.
Go shopping for a car.
Find one.
Too much.
Come home.
Dad asks how it went.
Too much we say.
$$$$= !@&$#&@^!@#*#^&%
Parents fight.
Public Transportation anyone?