Monday, June 27, 2005

Duh Duh Duh!

I don't know why that's the title. Just sounded fun.

Well, today went well. Work. Wonderful, seriously. My first day of an actual lesson. I'm in the ED center. Which means some education might be a good idea. So this week everyone is learning about Mexico. Woohoo!

It's fun with the older kids. We have five sets of the same Encyclopedia, so I break them into teams with a list of questions to answer. Completely random info. Like, what was the first book printed in the western hemisphere and where was it printed? (it may have been published...) Anyway. Common knowledge, right? No one has gotten it right yet. They're listing books from the seventies. Nineteen seventies. Noah Webster anyone? Uncle Tom's Cabin? Hardy Boys for goodness sakes...

But the first graders learned about what a farmer would grow, that about a quarter of the people would be farmers, what countries touch Mexico and what bodies of water. Then they played pictionary. With words about Mexico, like tortilla and Pinata and stuff. Or Spanish, whatever.

The oldest group I had, sixth graders, took twice as long as the fourth graders to finish their scavenger hunt. But, they got a lot more right, at least the winning team did. Fifteen out of eighteen. My brother was on that team :D. I didn't help them any more than anyone else, I promise. They just know how to use the encyclopedia.

And... hmmm.... one kid got really mad at me. But then later he apologized. That was so sweet of him. He came up, and he's like "Miss Marguerite, I have something to tell you." And I'm thinking, oh no, someone hit him... Then he's like "sorry." and gave me a hug. Kids are great, you know. Adults never say it that easily. Er, well, I sure don't. Of course, tomorrow I'll probably be yelling at him for the same thing I did today... but...

Then one of my coworkers got flowers for their birthday and it was really sweet. I think that'd be cool. To have flowers delivered. And everyone sang happy birthday.

My job is so much fun. Of course, Coach yes was a bit frustrated at me.... But it wasn't my fault, I promise!!!! I didn't do it! Then this evening a coworker gave us a lift home, and so we're teasing his brothers and all. They're a cool bunch. :D

And I had a planning period which I kinda wasted upstair at the front desk. But that's the coolest place to be. Cause my totally awesome sister works there.

OOh and next week, My boss said I could rot the kids' minds! They get to watch movies in my room!!!! Isn't that awesome? I'm excited. The Beverly Hillbillies and FernGully2. Just don't tell them. Although I just thought maybe National Treasure. That's clean and hey, I like it, Dan likes it, why shouldn't they? It's got romance, but not too much, Action, wonderful action, mystery, intelligence, history like you wouldn't (well maybe you would) believe. Yeah that's better. National Treasure it is! :)

Now you all can see how I think. sometime this summer I'm going to make them watch the Swiss Family Robinson. I absolutely love that one. Their tree house is so cool. In the book they live in a cave too. And the water fall!!! seriously you should go see it.

Anywho. I need my rest. For the kids. Otherwise I'm a tad bit short. :P


PS I"m homeschooled and this is soooo true. Check it out.


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