Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve

I just realized it's been Weeks since my last post (eek). I apologize. Let's see..... what's been happening. Well....

Friday night was the invasion at Scott and Liz's. That was fun, we sat around and talked about vented gas fireplaces, and ate food, of course, and then *duh duh duh* We did Karaoke. Oh boy that was awful. A mess. Embarrassing. But, I have to say, the girls did way better than the boys. Partly because we cheated. But THAT is beside the point!

Oh, but you haven't heard about the Christmas party! LOL, Brian and Tim came and made quite an impression. We were playing this game where you find something to do with Christmas for every letter of the alphabet, and Bethany and I decided we were going to beat them and wouldn't let Brian see our paper. Well, Brian is very competitive, so he decided that he and Tim were going to beat us. Heh whatever, but they got their piece of paper and sat down to think. One of them comes up with the brilliant Idea for Jiminy Cricket. He has nothing to do with Christmas, although they argue he was in Mickey's Christmas Carol. The brilliant thing about it was that they put it under G. Our Pastor was sitting there across from them, watching them and laughing. Now he calls them the Einstein Twins.

So... then on the way home from the invasion, Jackson and I were the only ones going, so we rode down with Tim. On the way home Kristin followed us so she wouldn't get lost, and she was sooo afraid she would lose us, because drives an Echo, and Tim has a BMW (everybody say oooo). So we went slow and then Tim turned on his blinker, even there wasn't a road in sight, and Kristen does the same thing. Boys. He did that like three times, then we nearly missed our turn. Haha.

And we went and saw Narnia, it was lovely. *sigh* Then we went to Silver Diner and got dinner and talked to the waiter about how he came Nepal and he's the only person in his family to be here, he's been here two years and his wife is still in Nepal.

And work has been.... The kids are ok, but the staff is a bit stressed, like relations and stuff. People don't like the other one or whatever. And then there's the bosses getting in stuff.... And one day my kids Were bad, and that was awful, but I think it worked. Let's just say I was stressed that day.

I'm going for an interveiw for a job as a nanny next week. I'm not sure if it's really a good idea though. It would be seriously time consuming and they want something longterm and I'm going to New York next year for school and then there's my fulltime job in the summer, and they're talking about me going with them to their beach house. And the kids are young, one and two year old twins. I don't usually do babies. *sigh* So we'll see about that.

I'm definitely majoring in International Business. It seems so dry, but.... Yeah. :) That's ok.

The Christmas chior program was Sunday and it came off without a hitch. David got back from Jordan and he's fine.

We went to Brian and Tim's business Christmas party. My dad was worried about that one, "What kind of party is this??" Kind of thing. But it was fine, their "Boss" is a Christian, and the wildest part was the preschoolers literally bouncing off the walls. :D

There is other stuff... but not stuff that I think you want to hear about. I miss homeschool group and my friends there immensely, but at the same time I"m making other friends in college. But they're different in a thousand ways.

Also, go check out Daniel's Xanga because it's hilarious.
OH boy. That's just funny. OK, you have to be mildly knowledgeable about debate, but only as knowledgeable as I am, which is about nothing. This is not pie song Dan, this is Daniel. :D just so there's no unfortunate mix ups.

Friday, December 09, 2005


It snowed!! and I have a Real Live Snow Day!!! (First one ever in my ENTIRE life!)

I got up at 8:10, and my brothers were already heading out to go sledding. Of course, they were being very quite, and I heard rumors of "If you wake up Faith, you have to give up your tube." I"m just glad they were quiet. Cause when they are loud they are very very loud, and when they argue they are horrid. And usually they are loud because they are fighting.

I get to go to work at noon and stay until six. :-D And right now there are about six kids. And four staff. :-P My mom said they were getting ready to play spades.

Oh, you do know, my mom and Bethany and I all work the same place. We have different jobs, though. My mom works in the morning and drives a bus to pick up the lovely children from school,also to take them. Bethany works in the afternoon same as me, but I run snack and the third grade homework room, and Bethany keeps the upstairs running smoothly, you know, answering phones, filing, talking to parents and teasing our bosses. She's good.

Now she has announced that she is going to make brownies and eat them all herself. lol.

Oooo, Tomorrow, We are going to see the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe with all those debate folks. And Tim is coming so everyone can meet him. o_O And tonight is the Christmas party at church. Yay!

I got five hours of sleep last night. You all know what that means. Heehee.

Well, I think I"m going to help Bethany. Laters!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'd like to thank Jason and Marlow for their very nice phone call. *sniff* That was sooo sweet of you guys.

You completely baffled Anastasia. She had no idea who you were. (me niether, at first.... heh heh)

It snowed. Yay! the kids got a day out of school. It's weird how many people don't like snow around here. *sniff*



Next Wednesday I have an Exam and a paper due, then the next Monday is my last Exam and then I'M OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!

And in case any of you were wondering, JAcob is still alive. I talked to him last night. And he does post on his xanga (everybody say "Yuck").

I have a theory though, about xanga people and Blogspot people. Xanga people only comment on Xanga blogs. They are selfish and selfcentered. Blogspot people don't like Xanga, but they sacrifice their preferences and get a Xanga so they can read and comment on their friends blogs just about every day. Because they are good friends. :-P

That is all. :)

Friday, December 02, 2005


Marguerite is very tired. So she is getting a bit depressed. She is tired of being a person who says Hi, and not a person who is said Hi to. She is tired of being the person who calls. Not the person who is called. Everyone needs to be needed.

In the good news, my father and I had a nice conversation on the way to school, and it looks like i'll be able to continue school next semester, but I'm still going to have to get another job. I don't know how that's going to work with me in school and my first job... ( I warned you, i"m depressed).

Work was crazy. I almost got mad. Faith and I went out to lunch together. *yay* It was cold, and the wind was blowing. And then we walked to work. Poor Faith. She doesn't complain, but...

I'm playing my guitar again. My fingers hurt. I play blues and Greensleeves. And the old folk/country stuff.

A friend said he was going clubbing tonight. It all seems so empty. Like, why? *sadness*

Marguerite is seriously stressed out folks. She wants to listen to emo music and write in black. She wants to cry. This is why Marguerite MUST get plenty of sleep at night. But not tonight, tonight she is expecting a phone call. And it's like that seventeen song. Marguerite is going to borrow Bethany's DHT cd and be depressed.

also, this lady got a face transplant.