Sunday, June 26, 2005

fire and brimstone

Today our youth pastor preached for the adults. Scott's pretty cool. I would have said awesome, but he did a lesson on true awesomeness and I've yet to find someone who is truly awesome. Anyway. It was a good sermon. About reaching the Greater Need.

I should explain it. But... Well, you can check out Luke 17:19-28. Jesus took care of the Greater Need. The spiritual need. How many people do I know? A lot. How many of them are going to hell? Not a Whole lot, as far as I know, but some of them yeah. Why am I ok with that? You don't often find me crying because of it. Once in a while, yeah. But not often. And I'll halfheartedly talk about my Savior. That's not right though. It's just not.

You know, I'm all depressed about things happening here, to me. And I'll cry over that and cry out to my Lord for that. But for someone who doesn't know Him? "It's their choice, I talked to them." Whatever. The prayer of the righteous man availeth much. Well, I'm not righteous by any means. Stinking rotten more like. Doesn't mean I can't pray, though.

I'm more worried about my hair and my tan than about my friends..... You can all disown me now.

You know, this morning, Scott preaches this great sermon, my mom joins the church, and my dad comments on how good it was. Then we get home and we go back to the same sour life. Snapping at eachother and filling the house with strife. That tears me up.

Enough of my depressingness I suppose. Later


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