Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tah Dah!!!!

Guess What?? Bethany has a blog and I read it!!! And you should too!

She's going to hate me probably. But no one but the almighty sniper monkey posted on hers. You ought to be ashamed. She was the first one to post on mine, and I took this long to post on hers. I guess I figured her loads of friends would be quick to comment on her wonderful wit and humor. However, they have hesitated to do so. Now I've got to go beat them up. Er, I mean encourage them to comment.

Beth is one of the coolest sisters I have, ranking in the top three you know. And that's pretty high. So you all better show her some respect and go post. Like good ol' Joe. In fact, if you don't, I may have Joe concoct some pyro something for you.

You can go look at Joe's too. It's pretty cool. Like the fighting cats and all. I'll put the link up too. And Jacob has a picture with Big Ben.

Any way, as they say, Go Mira you bunch of coots!


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