Friday, April 21, 2006

Fulsome Prison, Nottingham and other random thoughts.

There is a guy in my English class named Jonathan Little. The other day they were talking about it, him and some other folks, the others saying everytime they saw him they thought of Little John, like in Robin Hood. The thing is, Little john was a nickname because the other outlaws thought it was funny that a guy named John Little was so daggone BIG. Jonathan is really tall. He sits in the corner of class, in the back, two seats behind me and stretches his legs way out in front of him. He's a funny guy. And he has a really nice deep voice.

Faith is learning how to sing Fulsome Prison, you know, by Johnny Cash. I play, she sings. I taught Hayden how to play and sing it, since it's fairly easy to play. E7, A7, B7. Repeat.

Now for those other random thoughts. I can't remember what they were. I specifically remember something that I wanted to write, about work .... but it's gone.

So instead, I will ask. What is your favorite Fla-Vor-Ice color, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, or Red?

(If you don't remember what they are, you ought to have your childhood certification revoked, but I'll remind you, they're those popsicles that your mom bought in a box of about a gazillion and they're long and you eat them out of the plastic and you ate them by the dozen in the summer and your little brothers would have the juice running down their chests and you'd be sticky for hours until dinner and your mom made you wash your hands, then gave up and threw you in the tub to make sure you were her child.)

That, my dear watson, is a run-on sentence.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The absolute coolest quiz ever.

So I found this on someone's xanga *dies* and thought OH MY GOODNESS!!! THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST QUIZ EVER!!!
And then they said I was Westley, so my first reaction had to be true, right?

Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts
Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Oh to be a grown up.

I know, it's been weeks since that last oh so confusing post.

Thankfully, I only have a couple more weeks of school. I'm so excited. As much as I enjoy my business classes, I don't like school.

What to do between the end of my school and when I have to start working full time. I'm thinking about taking a trip. (I always say this. But I never go anywhere.) This time.... I'm determined. I'm getting Cabin Fever and I feel like I have to do something to prove my adulthood and since moving out is out of the question because of finances and transportation and my dad is in the middle of building me a house, I'm not an ungrateful daughter, I must do something else.

It is so stifling here. I'm 19. I have to be home by 8 p.m. on weeknights unless given express permission. My little sister is constantly telling me what to do, and I don't understand how she is so much more experienced at getting ready for work. She's never had a regular job!

The story of my life. Have I somewhere forgotten to put up walls to make me older and wiser than my sisters and brothers? I don't want to do that, not really. I just want people to realize that, yes, Marguerite IS capable of taking care of herself.

Maybe I"m too nice. I don't run off without telling people where I'm going. When I go to school every morning I make sure to tell someone I"m leaving. Or when I go to work. I thought I was being considerate. But.... I guess not. I guess I'm being a baby. (I have no idea how that makes me a baby).

Maybe it's because most of my friends quickly become friends of my family. So my siblings know all of them and I get no peace. Most of the time I don't bite people's heads off for asking the first time who I'm talk to on the phone.

There has to be some solution besides getting mean all of a sudden and developing an attitude problem. I thought I already went through that stage! Apparently, my folks didn't take the hint.

Did you know that Lego makes Ferrarris?

Saturday, April 01, 2006





*Marguerite flips out*

So yeah, the State Debate tournament is today, and my little sister made it not only to Octifinals, but to quarterfinals! And they're not done yet. She's never broken at all before today, and today she broke twice.....


That's all folks. :D

*sigh* I think I'm in LOVE....

Don't worry, It's not some movie star. But... It's a guy who was pretty old when he died. And was married. I think his son is as old as my dad. But golly, the man can sing, and he's so romantic. And sad. Girls always seem to be leaving him. Poor guy. Johnny Cash.... He's so dreamy. *sigh* I think I"m going to listen to him sing forever.

Um... Yeah. I'm sure there was something else I was going to write about. But I"m not sure what.

Lately, I've become aware that not everyone has the benefit of the teaching that I have had. My parents, from before we could understand, have been reading us the Bible every day, and explaining it. Not only that, they taught us about Creation. Which I've come to realize is not as normal as I thought it was. Not only were we learning about it in the Bible since I can remember, my dad did a lot of studying and handed on what he learned to us. We have Creationism books all over our house, and while I've not read even half of them, I betcha I know most of what's in the rest of them. See, the other night I was talking to a friend who's Catholic, who just recently came to believe in the literal six day Creation. He went to Catholic schools his whole life but the two years that he was homeschooled. So we got to talking about Creationism and the Flood. I mentioned the flood and he didn't know how it connected. There are things that I know, that just seem part of it. Like everyone being vegetarians before the Flood. I've always factored that in, always known it. But it seems totally foreign to a lot of people that I"ve talked to about this. (Check out Genesis 1:30 if you're wondering, and then I think chapter Eleven, when God tells Noah that hey tcan eat meat.)

God has really blessed me with my parents. My dad's had us disscussing the Bible for as long I can remember. I don't know what I would do without the things that they made sure I learned.