Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What I Do On Sick Days When I'm Not Sleeping

So, once in a while I muster up some energy and do something.
1. Cancel Plans.
  • Buddy/Pal Tea and Puzzles Date.  This is when my good friend and I put aside time for each other and talk about work, school, boys, politics, religion, etc, while drinking hot beverages and sometimes solving physical jigsaw puzzles.  
  • Work, twice. "I'm running a fever and can't work today, even if your daughter is having a root canal.  Sorry!" (there's some sort of time limit on returning back to work after these things.  I don't make the rules, I'm just grateful for them.)
  • Pancake Date with another good friend.  ( I was really hoping the fever would stay gone, but it returned, higher than before, at the same time as my appetite for pancakes) 
2. Part 1 of a TB test for work, as well as H1N1 and Tetanus shots. Hooray!

3. Take Brother #1, mechanic extraordinaire, currently unable to drive, to pick up Cheerwine and Sister #2's car from work.  We didn't pick up her car, some excuse about not enough time to fix it, but he did add Cheerwine to his daily soda intake today (supplementing his SunDrop addiction).

4.  Make MACARONI!  After years and years a day and a half of no appetite, I decided to woman up and cook something to eat.  

5. While the water is boiling, I take a couple minutes to upload a picture to the internets for my Father and his handy, much more technologically savvy assistant, Brother #3. 
A pretty, shiny motorcycle Speedometer!  My dad is putting together a bike more or less from scratch.  This process has introduced him to the wonderful world of online forums, where he gains insight from other BSA enthusiasts.  I can't help but smile when I think of thousands of guys like my dad (60-something, ex-biker/hippy types) bumbling around, figuring out how to use a tool that was mostly science fiction when their bikes were new.

6. Halfway through my dinner, Brother #1 gets a phone call from Sister #2 that her car died on the side of the road.  Off we go to rescue the fair damsel in distress.

7. Write this.  Now, it's late late late, and I'm about to succumb to sleep's call.

You may notice that I didn't mention a smidgen of knitting.  I haven't knit since SUNDAY!  What is the world coming to?  Well, I'm just not very good at knitting laying down.  I thought about taking it to the doctor's office, but knitting in public opens up conversations.  Most of the time I welcome such communication, but I didn't feel like talking today so I brought a book instead.  

I did, however, take time to admire this blanket on Design*Sponge and marvel at the artist's patience. I don't yet have the patience to knit a blanket, in pieces or other wise.

What do you do on your sick days?


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