Monday, October 31, 2005


My dad turned on the heaters!!! Yay! I think he finally got that we were cold when we started holding our hands over our food at dinner to warm them up. That and Anastasia wearing gloves all day in the house.

Hmmm... what else?

The guy in Home Depot yelled at me tonight because I was going to look in one of their washing machines. Weird.

Today at work we told a scary story in the gym with the lights off. It WAS scary. About this guy coming after kids with a hammer. One of them (he's one of my favorites, my "sister's" "son") started crying.

I bought a mini orange sharpie.

A guy in my Spanish Class dressed up as Zorro (sp?) and wore the mask the whole class, including the exam.

My school put the library on the fourth floor. Somehow that just seems backwards.

Everyone should be at least some One's number one priority.

And we did nothing for halloween. No costumes. We went to dinner with friends, then wandered around and talked. We are weird, but we like it that way.

WILL IS HOME!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Rose Colored

I did it.

My Hair is now Red.

Not like Beth's, I didn't want to copy her's, but darker. Like Burgundy. O.o

I like it.

Did I mention it's cold?

Also, why do I always miss the bus the days my mom isn't home?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Frozen through

I'm writing my research paper on the Armenian genocide. Have you ever heard of it? Probably not, most folks haven't. One and a half Million people were killed, brutally worked to death and tortured and driven from their homes to the wilderness to starve to death, or be murdered. And no one has heard of it. Pitiful isn't it? Over half of the population was killed. Look it up. Actually, last night I tried too at our school library. We have three books in our entire library system on the genocide. In chronicles of the times, there would be one sentence, mentioning them in passing. KNow something? The United States knew about it. But we didn't do anything about. Pretty sad.

Another guy is doing his on some stuff with people disapearring in Argentina and Chile, weird stuff, gross stuff. Another is doing his on Marijuana use. "Timely" says the Doc. Some officials on the Hill are saying the war on drugs is making a lower class that is um... being fought against by our government. I think that's how he put it. Interesting. My professor is hoping some of ours can be sent upstairs to be saved for the files, the records, for when accreditting services come. OOoo.

I talk way too much these days. I'm considering not talking for a couple days. I mean, I even talk to myself. I can't seem to think unless I'm talking. Which may explain some of the really random stuff that ends up as comments.

Also, Halloween is on Monday. It's giving me the creeps.

I'm considering dying my hair. Probably red, but I'm afraid Beth will get mad at me for copying her. I'm totally not trying to. I"m tired of being boring though. That's a simple way to not be boring. And less permanent than getting my ear peirced.

Tomorrow is the Corn Maze. Brr.... Note to self, Bring gloves. Hold up, self, do oyu even have gloves? Find some nice cozy gloves.

Last year at Scaremare we stood in line for a couple hours and it was COLD. Like colder than now. And most of us weren't dressed for it, so we huddled together and held kettle corn and tucked our hands in our armpits and danced around and sang. It was fun. And scary.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


It is COLD folks. I can't seem to get warm. brrbrrrbrrrr. I mean it's not even that cold. I think walking around in the rain on friday has gotten to me. I"ve got a cold too. Blah.

Friendship takes time. If you're not willing to give time you can't be a friend. If work already consumes you now, how much more will it consume you when you are grown? What is it that you work towards so diligently? And will it be enough in the end, when you have no one left?

Anybody out there into robotics? Cause I'm writing, or well, i'm not actually writing it yet, I have to write, a paper on robotics. Fun stuff.

I"m wearing a pirate on my ring finger. what does that mean? Pirates went against society. Whoever ends up putting another ring there will have to too.

I like Enya. And Louis Armstrong. I like to sing blues. My sisters are annoyed by it.

My church is talking about merging with another one. I don't want us too. I'm jealous and selfish, our church is really cool, really selfless and a family (actually it is pretty much only a few big families.), and I don't want that to change. There aren't cliques. It's not really big enough to have them. But really, people are just really nice. It could use some color, but otherwise it's cool. I don't want to go with this other church, cause that'll all change, and we'll be back where we left the last church. With the reason I didn't hardly go to church for a year. Scary society and gossip.

I've started a new sweater. It's a pattern I"ve done before, but I'm thinking about changing the sleeves a bit. Woohoo! Last time I worked about nonstop for six weeks. this time will take longer I expect. I suppose I could start dragging my knitting along on the bus and weird people out. What if I knitted in Spanish.... heh heh heh.

Last summer in Prague, my aunt cousin and I came up with another meaning for knitting. But I won't tell what it is. :P *raspberry*

Whole milk is sooooo good. Even if it does make me colder.

I like green peppers. And California pizza. mmmmm.

Good evening.

PS. A BREADKNIFE!!!! (for oldtime's sake)

Friday, October 21, 2005

i'm getting annoying again, forgive me. i need some kind of other hobby. or to do my homework. something, anything. i am the most annoying person i know. oh i know, i need to stop relying on people so much for entertainment. maybe a book will do the trick. hah. oh. i know the problem. my room looks like there was an earthquake hit. don't tell anyone. it's a wreck with a capital w. tomorrow. i will clean it. and do laundry. and maybe see wallace an gromit? and write a paper. and... golly. i should go. but i can't drag myself away!! my fingers are stuck to the keyboard! AHHH!

um no. i'm going now. bye

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Lady Across the Street.

Haha! I have written fiction after all! Perhaps those crazy Washington BoyScouts will enjoy it.
The Lady Across the Street
By Marguerite, Aurora, Joe and Collin

A petite, black-haired, blue eyed woman tucks her sweet-tempered, darkhaired, brown-eyed munchkin in rocket-covered long john pajamas into bed, kisses him goodnight with full, dark cherry red lips and turn out the light as she leaves the darkened bedroom. Jonny slips out from under his thick, dinosaur comforter to sit on the end of his bed, his elbows tucked on the window sill, his impish face resting on his tiny hands.
Across the street, there stands a Pepto Bismol pink, two story Victorian house with plum purple, fancy, curlicue trim, its huge, sagging porch covered in faded white wicker furniture. Around this fantastic monolith are small, proper houses, each looking like they came from the same cookie cutter. Jonny has heard his friends’ parents calling the old house an eyesore, but he thinks the old lady that lives there is right, they wouldn’t know beauty if it hit them in the face.
The curved front walk, paved with large cracked stones threatened by overwhelming weeds, wanders to the bottom of the warped wooden stairs. The crazy patches of vines all over the front yard makes it seem like a wild jungle worthy of the deepest exploration. His curious gaze takes in the peeling white picket fence where it shows, in small sections, through the heavy leaves and grasses. Watching silently, he notices the regal lady herself through a softly lit window, settled in her sky blue paisley wingback chair, knitting with rainbow-colored yarn, the long, fat, mint green needles clacking rhythmically. Her neon green crown of hair nods slightly above her aged face as she speaks to her grandson across the room. Her back, bent with the weight of time, is a sharp contrast to her chin, betraying obstinate stubbornness. At her feet is the most flea-bitten, mangy, loyal subject ever to grace a person’s presence. King lifts his head long enough to gaze at his mistress with adoring, brown doggy eyes before settling his huge head on his crossed forepaws, his brindle coat making him appear even more moth-eaten than he is.
Jelly’s voice, nasal and complaining floats on the evening breeze, “Awww Granny, come on! Don’t be so old fashioned!” Jonny’s scrutiny shifts to Jelly, his bowl-cut hair in black with orange streaks, his Pinocchio nose, his thin lips and skinny, wiry frame as he perches restless and tense on an ancient straight-backed chair that threatens to overthrow his balance at any moment. Jonny tries not to giggle as Jelly’s bulging eyes appear to be ready to pop out at any second.
Dusk casts its pall over the neighborhood, settling a shroud over everything. A dark grey car slides up to Granny’s unkempt house and three figures in long black coats and black felt fedoras exit the car. Picking their way gingerly up the path, they get to Granny’s door and knock quietly. King raises his head and growls at the door as Granny slowly rises from her throne and hobbles over to answer it. The police flip open their badges as the old wooden door slowly creaks open, a watery hazel eye appearing in the crack. Throwing off their coats and fedoras, the three men reveal black ninja garb and thrust the door open, Jelly jumping up and running to catch Granny as she stumbles back. King howls then grabs a small porcelain lamp in his ugly yellow teeth, dragging it to the puddle he had conveniently left just inside the front door, electrocuting the three ninjas as Granny and Jelly dart through the house and out the back door.
The ninjas laugh as their rubber waders insulate them, saving them from death and trip over the huge mutt blocking their path. King nips one on his way around them to follow Granny. In the darkening gloam, the screen door slams as two figures and their faithful guardian lopes along beside them, barking encouragement and turning to growl and snarl at the house. Fitfully traversing the overgrown path to a rickety old dock, Jelly and Granny reach the end of it and stumble into a leaky, faded rowboat, King jumping in beside them. Jelly shoves against the rotten boards of the dilapidated dock and turns as they glide slowly onto the dark, still lake, then snaps in frustration as he realizes the oars are still on the dock. *oh snap*
The three ninjas suddenly appear on the dock and jump into the lake to swim out to catch Granny and Jello but their black waders fill with water and drag all three under the unexpectedly deep water, causing agreat splash. The wave they made turns into a wild tsunami, pushing the half-sunken rowboat to the far side of the lake, beaching it on the gray sand. The shadowy figures crawl carefully out of the boat as it starts to rain.
Jonny startles awake as the ice-cold drops hit his slack face. Blinking owlishly, he slowly stands up, toddles through his dark, toy-strewn room and out the blue-painted door. The toilet flushes and he stumbles back into his room, tucks himself back into his single bed and rolls over, long lashes fluttering softly on creamy cheeks as he falls back into dreamland.
The End

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I think I'm starting to act like a girl

*GASP* Marguerite acting like a GIRL! eek. Cause, like here's the deal. Saturday we went to the mall, for like seven hours. Of course, we didn't buy anything. But then last night I went to target and in twenty minutes bought a bunch of clothes.

And some stiletto boots. Oh my. I"ve never bought stilettos before. (those are the really spiky heels that are named after a knife or something. :P) I"m wearing them right now. yay.

and um. what else? I have my own floor! Yay! but that's all, just a floor. We had a youth activity on friday. We played capture the flag and sang around the fire. We're going to Belvedeare at the end of teh month, so if anyone wants to come it's really cool. And fun. And.... it's the same night as homecoming at the local highschool. Big surprise.

Some days life seems so shallow. Like, I go to school, but what for? a degree? I never put much stock in degrees. To learn? Am I? it just seems pointless. And I buy new clothes and try to look nice, but what's the point? there isn't one.

Oh okay, I'm depressing myself.

Good news. We're going to be reassigning chores. YES!! And you're like, um, so what? I am sooo tired of doing the dishes, and usually my mom ends up doing them. I've had dinner and dishes for two years. And now my evenings are consumed with dinner and dishes, and I have no time for anything else, like cleaning my room or homework. And you Know that's what I would totally do. (hah) I don't know what I would do, really, but it'll be nice to be able to do something else. It's also kinda annoying cause it seems like I"m the only one that does my chore everyday. (I don't actually, sometimes my mom does the dishes.) But.... I'm going to be so happy to get my own room.

Enough! Um, I know someone who is an adult who's never had kiwi, sad world huh? and in Spanish one of my classmates and I are arguing over the best gum in the world. I say it's Trident Tropical twist, and he says it's Wrigley's Green Apple. What do you all think?

and yesterday at work I got yellow paint on my face. That was funny.

And I'm teaching a fourth grader the lattice method of multiplication, we learned it in math. And we're learning about other bases, and it's seriously interesting. Math is my favorite class.

On that happy note, i close.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ode to Chucks!

I got Chucks!
I got Chucks!
I'm so happy
I got Chucks!
I got Chucks!
I am nuts!

And I had coffee!
I had Coffee!
I had Coffee
And I'm Hyper
I had coffee

And I went to English class which totally gets me hyper cause I'm part of the three stooges and then I had coffee and forgot my wallet and dropped my phone in the car and didn't have a ride home. But the other two musketeers are flippin awesome and offered me a ride home. (ok, I asked and looked crazy and scared them into it). And then we spent half the class laughing and joking around. Discreetly of course. Actually, it wasn't all three of us, just Collin and I cause we were sitting in the back. He has a smashed up pop tart in his backpack and we chew the same gum. And he listens to trance, which is yet another strange simularity to my friend Sjorzo across the ocean.

And um, aurora hates us but that's fine. I'm working on my diplomacy skills. :D And..... I got to talk to maurice in my class about Robotics and super smart talented family members. And that was cool.

We're going to be writing setetients or something in class, which is poetry with seven lines a stanza and the last words from the lines of the previous stanza repeated in the next one. Weirdness, Ezra pounds did some of that.

Woot! Enough of the craziness. HSG manana so the craziness will continue with my coconut friends! Yay!

Good night my fellow humanoids!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Vi Daraugh. I want to strangle mi hermana. But don't worry, she knows.

I'm going to strangle my sister. She likes to meddle in my life and mess things up. I hate it. And.... It emphasizes how different we are, despite what Jose and every one but tim says.

It's so strange. Someday perhaps I'll understand it. For now... My heart is as open as it's going to get.

But allow me to say, Jason, Joe, Marlow, you guys are awesome. Please never grow up. It's awful.

Then there's the issue with friends. You know how all the old people say that you don't stay in touch with very many folks from Highschool? I wanted to be different. I'm picking up friends in college, but I love my HS friends too. But I'm not part of their lives anymore it seems and... It's not bad as I make it sound, really, but lately has been lonely. That's all.


PS. I rode a segway today. And ate pancakes. And made an origami boat in honor of colombus day. I named it the Pinta. :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005



O scandelous control
the voice of too many
Razing friendships
Building walls
Pull back your reach!
Allow us to breath!
Allow us to run free!

For now we play the parts
Actors on the stage
Until we dance on your strings no more
Farewell marrionetter

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

When I Survey....

What is your favorite color? Me Gustan Azules!
What is your favorite dessert? hmmm Icecream. Yummy.
What is your favorite candy? Almond joys. it has nothing to do with our dear Elizabeth, but they are the greatest
What food(s) are you allergic to? Pepperoni. Which stinks cuz sometime I like it
What do you prefer, coffee, tea, or soda (and what type)? Raspberry Ice Tea.
What sports do you like (or do you not like sports)? Field hockey and soccer in PE. Also,
Basketball at work or soccer with the kids.
Do you have an Amazon wishlist (if so, let me know the URL or username)? Nopers
Do you like to buy stuff for your house? I love to. Well, for my room... and some ofit has
migrated to the rest of the house.
What is your favorite TV show (current)? or all-time? I really like Gilligan's Island, and Alias is pretty cool, all spies and stuff.
What pets do you own, if any? and how many? 1 dog, who is "Officially" mine, and who likes me best, and a fish that's not mine and a hamster that I offered to marlowe, but isn't mine really
What are your hobbies? Knitting, it's so relaxing. Avoiding English homework by writing other places, singing. LALALALALALA la
Do you prefer to pamper yourself or rough it? hmmm I love to go down to the corner rite aid and spend too much money on "pamper" kind of stuff, but... I think I'd be more comfortable roughing it than "pampering".... if that makes any sense
What is more important to you, cost or comfort? hmmm To a certain extent both, like, i have a price limit, but I go with the most comfortable within the limit
What do you mostly spend your money on? umm... I don't know, it really changes, not something that's consistent. Um, room furnishings is what it seems lately.
Video or DVD? DVD is what I've got so it's what I like
Democrat or Republican (or something else)? Um.. I'm probably not republican, though I lean that way, but I'd prob be libertarian or some such thing
Political or non-political? I want to work for the government, and I was voted most likely to succeed in politics, and I have a classmate that drives me to considering politics, all the diplomacy I've been using. But... probably not too political
What is your favorite article of clothing? My long skirt or a certain shirt that I wear a lot
Do you like getting dressed up or hate it? i like it. A lot.
Like to shop (offline) or not? when I have money, yeah, and when i'm not a on a mission to find something. Then I mess up and get something i don't even like
Like to shop (online) or not? I don't mind it, but I like to see what I'm getting
Kleenex or handkerchief? Kleenex, otherwise, it's just gross, lo siento
Do you celebrate your birthday? not really big or anything but yeah
Christmas? It's my favorite
CD's or MP3's (or something else)? both, and LPs
Is music an important part of your life? yeah
What type of music do you generally listen to? folk and Christian and bluegrass
Do you play any instrument (if so, how well)? guitar, well enough to play some folk to sing too
Like to travel, or not, or not sure? Love it. Talked to a new friend yesterday, we're both in college, we both want to work overseas, that's why we are studying what we are
What is your favorite vacation spot? the beach or the northern neck
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I really enjoyed Armenia, and Prague, i miss armenia.
Prefer renting or owning a home? owning, then you can do zany stuff with it
If you had to live in an apartment, would you prefer upstairs or downstairs? I don't know...
Prefer maid service or cleaning it yourself? maid service would be cool, but would i trust them?
Do you want to be buried or cremated? tied to rocks and thrown over board. JK, Burried, graveyards are so cool, like the one where my dad's family is, up on the mountain.
Are you a calm person or do you get upset/excited easily? Not calm.
What three things would you want to have on a desert island? My Bible, a good friend and a cruise ship
Do you plan ahead or put things off to the last minute? put them off
Are you a worrier or not? yeah I overanalyze stuff too much
In a group of people, do you usually let other people decide things or do you like to take charge? i can take charge, but I'd rather not
What is your favorite flower? Wild violets or crocuses
Mac or PC? PC
What is your favorite computer game, if you have one? solitaire
Prefer Dogs or cats? both. Well, i like big dogs better than cats, but cats are way better that
little dogs except scotties
Which do you prefer, camping or going to a luxury hotel? Camping.
Do you enter sweepstakes or play the lottery (both or either)? neither
Do you prefer winter or summer? spring and fall, but winter is better than summer
Do you like to use the A/C in the summer or prefer to open windows? open the windows and
turn on the fans, we don't really have a choice
Do you keep your curtains and blinds open or shut? open
Do you know your neighbors very well? not even their names
At a party, would you stay just with people you know, or try to meet new people (or a little of both)? depends on how big it was. I'd prob meet some new people
If you were going on a trip, would you make hotel reservations or try to find a place after you get there? make reservations
Do you plan all your activities ahead when you go on vacation, or just play it by ear? play it by ear
Do you have a calendar where you keep track of your appointments and events, or not? not really
Do you own a Palm pilot or similar device? Is it a fun toy, mere convenience, or something you can't live without? DOn't got one
If you have a CD burner in your pc, do you know how to use it? Yeah I know how, but I don't think I have
If you were in a karaoke bar and your friends paid you $100 to go up and sing alone, would you? what are we doing in karioke bar anyway? But um, it'd depend i think, i wouldn't do it for the money, but it might be fun
Are you the type of person who gets embarrassed easily or do you not care what people think? I care what people think, but i don't get embarrassed easily
What is the worst experience you ever had? I don't want to talk about it :P
The best? last summer traveling, or... having all the cool friends I have now
Do you prefer salty or sweet foods? sweet wait salty, I don't know it depends
Do you collect anything? If so, what? Madeline brandies books
How many states, provinces, or countries have you lived in? one state and two countries
How old are you (or, you can give your decade)? I am eighteen
What is one issue or cause you feel strongly about? abortion, the underdogs
What are three things we might be surprised to know about you? 1) I have three fingernails painted pink right now. 2) I LIKE KIWI!!! 3) I'm not that mysterious, if you don't know it there's a reason for it.
If you could do anything you wanted in terms of profession/career, what would it be? Work
overseas in the State Department or with a non profit organization or something like that.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Extra Extra! Read All About It!!!

Big News Folks. Huge Gigantic MONUMENTAL NEWS!!!

I drove.

I drove on the Street.

I drove on the street with Other Cars.

I Drove on the Street with Other Cars on a Highway.

I drove on the street with other cars on the highway ALL THE WAY HOME FROM CHURCH!!!!!

Aren't you proud of me? I didn't even run into anyone and only scared my mom a couple of times. And we only argued once when the road was narrow and she thought I was too close to the curb and I though I was too close to the other lane. :) But we survived.

And I had three sarcastic siblings in the backseat telling me I was doing everything wrong. Especially stopping. I stopped too close apparently. I didn't run into anybody. golly. They need to lighten up.

I think I finally got tired of Bethany gloating over driving on the road, so i took a leap and drove the 25 miles home from church. Yay! I still have to work on turning though. Not quite comfy with that yet. :)