Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

I got an A- on the paper I thought was going to flunk.

Then I got the college catologue and wonder if I've taken on enough work.

Now I remember that the counselor I met with recommended these classes and no more, so I'm good.

International relations or business is looking pretty cool.

My sister is trying to set me up with some guy.

I think it's something like the taming of the shrew.

Last night I drank a liter of pepsi and didn't get to sleep until five am. The occasion? nothing! grrr.

Today we celebrated my school's birthday. They had a party and everything. Free food, cake, karioke by fellow students. They butchered Simon and Garfunkel.

My school is cooler than yours, because mine gave us FRISBEES!!!!! YAY!!!!

Aren't you just jealous?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Coconuts. At the Oscars. With Bodyguards and Charisma.

Christine, the one whose fans are a bit over-zealous. She had Spencer, Michael, Jacob and Sam to protect her.
Marieke, she's a natural.
I have to say I have some pretty awesome friends, hmm?
I was going through my email and found these and couldn't resist.
Now, if I found others like them in my email, I'd gladly post those too.
*hint hint*
(you aren't hiding anymore of these, are you, Marieke?)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reasons to hate Xanga

1. those little shooting banners on the top of the page. Have you ever tried them? They're too much fun.

2. annoying people. I have yet to have an annoying person comment on my blog here.

3. Milk from Chernobyl

I don't really hate it. and it is beginning to become more comfortable. But.... I shall hold out.

I'm reading a book about Catholic Saints. It's a picture book for kids. I'm reading it to expand my horizons. Or something. Do you know that Saint Anthony is the patron saint of Gravediggers?

Whoa. I'm sorry, but I totally cannot agree with this. "Remembering Jesus and Mary in their sufferings made Gabriel all the more generous in proving his love. Imitate this youthful saint by thinking frequently of the sorrows of Mary, that through her motherly care you may reach holinesss and save your soul."

Mary can't save anyone's soul. Not even her own.

Talk about broadening of horizons.

I'm going to the "Until my hearts caves in tour"!!!!! YAY!!!!

I like Kiwi. It's the greatest. I usually eat one for breakfast.

enough with the randomness.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Two in one day?

Yeah :) How's abouts it?

I was catching up in the last one, and this one is for fun. Or something.

So, I finally took Dan's advice, and borrowed some Pink Floyd from the library. He was nearly positive I wouldn't like it. Because I'm a girl. Whatever. Anyway, I do like it. To describe it... Um. My first reaction was, A mix of the Beatles vocals, because they're British and a quartet, and the Moody Blues, because their music is um like electronica ahead of it's time. But more spacy sounding. Now, they don't sound the same, so you might be able to skip the beatles part. :) But, seeing how I like both of those groups, there's no reason not to like Pink Floyd.

We've got STRING CHEESE!!!! Oh yeah. heh, that reminds me of the cheer at camp. See we were all down at the lake for an activity, and we started cheering, "We take showers yes we do, we take showers, how about you?" Then the other team would cheer back the same thing. Then we said "We use soap! We use soap! We use Soap!" Things went downhill from there. Like "We have facial hair" and so on. The guys didn't cheer that loud.

Oh! We put up the hammock in our room. It's so comfortable! Faith sleeps in it ever night. She's like one of the little lost boys. except she's a girl. :P So cute.

I was attacked thursday night. I saw him first, by the wall, in beige. I knew he was looking for trouble. I could see it in his eyes. Being the peaceful person that I am, unlike someone we know who kills with his legal pad, I decided to let him go without getting hurt. No, I gave this fellow a chance to leave peacefully. But some folks don't know when to give up and go home. I turned away from him, then next thing I know, the little tan guy is leaping at my face. Let's just say, he didn't have a happy ending. And I even like grasshoppers. But this one was possessed.

And don't get me started on the beatle. Ugh.

Two girls in my spanish class got into a heated arguement over who was better, Girls or Guys. One was saying that guys are physically stronger and more athletic. The other was getting really upset, saying NO THEY"RE NOT! it makes you wonder what happened to make her so defensive about it. It was rather funny though. La Profesora called for a break to calm things down. It looked like there might be a fight right there in spanish class. It was comical.

I hve a new pattern that I'm working on with my needles. It's pretty. I'm learning how to make holes, on purpose :). It's nice to be knitting again, I wasn't for a while, because of work and stuff. But things have calmed down and we're reading the Hobbit. It's pretty funny and we've gotten into some discussions about certain parts of it, like what's going to happen next. silly us. Why not just read on?
Enough for one day? What do you think?
for now at least. :D

Don't worry, I did survive English

I know you were all worried about me. That my professor decided right then and there to kill me. Alas, it isn't so. Every time I do anything to do with that class I am reminded of how AWFUL that paper was. It was/is awful. I think I'm going to burn it.

But in other news. I took the first Math and Spanish exams. I did ok, a B, in Math, when the average was a D. And I'm not sure yet in Spanish, my professora wasn't done with the grading on Wednesday. It was weird this weekend. Being the procrastinator that I am, yeah lazy, I did my lab work and the work book and the practice tests all on the same day. So I had spanish running through my head. If you talked to me, you would notice.

Around the house, I have an urge to put on my headphones and never take them off. To play loud loud music to drown stuff out. It's a battle ground and I'm tired of it. I have the same urge at school, because people don't know how to talk. Such filth comes out of their mouths. Everyone warned me it would be a shock. "The real world" they said. Well, talking and warning me doesn't do me one jot of good. Cause I'm going to have go sometime, why not prepare me for it. And I don't mean becoming accustomed to cursing. No thanks. You step off and suddenly you have to defend everything you've ever known, and frankly, I don't know how. People.

I am looking forward very much to "my house." A space that's just mine, where if I clean it and don't throw things down, it will remain clean.

This evening I'm hoping to go to a concert. FUN!

Did anything else happen this week? Hmmm. I've been riding the bus to and from school. Even on my own. Usually I ride with Joe. And he's an old hand with the bus system. It's strange how quickly two complete strangers can get to know eachother. We've known eachother for a month and people think we've known eachother since highschool. Or that we're good friends. When, we only see eachother or talk at school. I'm glad to know him though, he's much more confidant than I am. Crazy too. But who isn't.

One of the kids came down to snack yesterday and said, "did you dye your hair?" And I said "No....." Then she realized I wasn't Bethany. :) It's really funny how often that happens.

Did I mention that I have twins in my homework room? I think I did, but I shall mention it again. They're really cute, but pretty different. One is quiet, and the other one isn't really loud, but easily distracted. They dress alike. But one says the other always wears what he does. :) They're so sweet. I really enjoy my group of kids. I think I have more girls this year than last. But I still have ten boys. Which suits me fine, you don't get as much drama, "She won't talk to me!" and crying. I do deal with that anyway, but during snack, not homework or among our kids.

When you get to know some of the kids, your heart breaks for them. Or you see them change and you wonder what made that happen.

I'll sign off now. Until.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nothing longwinded today.

yeah, I have a paper due tomorrow and I'm replaying my junior year, waiting for the last minute to get writing. Eek!

So Taken, it was funny. It still scares me and I"ve seen it three times. I showed it to Hayden last night. I had him sit right up close teh the computer, all by himself, and he watched it. It got to the waiting part and he was getting puzzled but we said just watch. And *CRASH!!!* He jumped. Oh boy, it was funny.

My siblings started school this morning. Boy oh boy. They get on my nerves sometimes. They can't mind their own business, but call you out on that if you say anything about their lack of manners and respect. They argue with my mom at every turn. Boss eachother around.

If I did that in my classes, I'd be kicked out. They just don't get it. Sometimes I thiink they should go to school for a week to learn how to be in school. How to act. Cause they seriously don't seem to be getting it.

Off to write my paper. G'day Maties!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Random Random Random!!!

This is a funny funny funny video thing. FUNNY! At least to me, the easily amoosed one. :D

And please pray for Will, you know, Flatbill. There's a possibility he may be deployed to Louisiana. So, um yeah, pray for him.

And this is what it will be like with Will on duty.


Y'all take care now!