Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dude, it's like Jacob's story, only...not

Ok so tonight, I was in the kitchen and I saw this big spider, like an inch diameter. It was big. Not being one to kill spiders like that, I never have, there's less mess if you move them outside. So I got a cup and paper and moved it outside, and when I dropped it on the ground, all these ants are crawling allllllllll over it. I mean ALL over it!!! Ants like that in hoardes, swarms, creep me out to begin with. But I picked up the spider, it was walking around. It's like the ants were inside it or crawling in one big seamless covering that just looked like spider skin. That just creeeps me out. EWwwww

And if you want to know what I mean by Jacob's story, it's in his blog, the link to which is over there.----->

Also, we're reading Zephaniah in our family devotions. I think it's so ... cool is not the word, but what word would describe the Lord, or His actions? Anyway, all through the book, He talks about the Judgement on Jerusalem and calls them to repentance. Then at the end He speaks of a time of peace, Jerusalem is at peace with her Lord, and He is happy with her. If you look in 3:9-20, it's God happy with her. It says He will rest in His love, He won't need to Chasten her in love or He's not jealous in HIs love, He's not laboring in His love. It's a time of total peace. And everyone rejoices. Totally Awesome.

Dobree Vetchare


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