Saturday, July 09, 2005

OH I'm tired....

Today was my Graduation Party. It was totally awesome. Totally Totally. awesome isn't the right word, but I"m too tired to choose something else.

And boy am I tired.

But I am soooo .... I don't want to say happy, but that's the word. Kinda shallow right? a party makes me happy. But.. it's true so live with it. I mean, my feet are going to be crippled tomorrow. But I don't care. It's my fault anyway. Stupid flipflops. Jacob, I should have worn your shoes when I took them.

And yeah Jacob, that was all me. Marieke didn't even know what was going on until just before you and john nearly broke the door. But that was sooooooo much fun. Believe it or not, it's great fun to get histerically scared with the girls once in a while.

So I took their shoes when they were on the trampoline and hid them pretty much in plain site, just not where people usually look. Then John notices, and accuses Mariane and Kate. They have no clue. Then we go inside with Marieke, and then john's coming in so we run upstairs to "hide" in my room. Kate and I go upstairs there in the loft while Marieke guards the door, still not knowing that I took his shoes. So he busts in and demands his shoes back from Mariane and Marieke. While Kate and I are in the loft cracking up because he doesn't know we're there. So then he leaves and we're all four of us in the loft, and Jacob and John bust in, and we all scream.
It was great fun.

And I got some wicked cool gifts. Marieke, gave me this totally cool cover for my new car's steering wheel. And Jacob gave me a BEAUTIFUL Journal. To write my Novel in. More on that later. And the coolest book from his trip.

My grandparents were talking with my mom tonight. They were commenting on what nice, good friends I have. Of course, they thought most of you were older. :P They asked if Kate was your girlfriend Jacob. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

And some of you got to meet my bosses. They're totally the coolest coolest coolest. :)

About that novel Jacob. I keep on trying to think of how I can write a novel. It's probably not going to happen. I could fill it with letters, or do like I did with the green notebook at Christmas. But a novel? I write what happens. not much else. I mean, I've written about two short stories my entire life, and I'm not even positive I finished the first draft. There was the one where I was an old lady living on the chesapeake bay. But mostly... It's like monologue kind of stuff. Not Novel. You're welcome to read it. Just remind me to dig it out. It's locked in a chest in a painted cigar box. I think.

This is most of the writing i do these days. ok. All of it.

And I would like to present Marieke with the #1 Poster award. :D It's good to know someone pays attention.

Buenos Noches


At 5:16 PM, July 10, 2005, Blogger Mouth2big said...

Wow, I'm touched:-) You're too cool. I can't believe your grandparents thought Kate was Jacob's girlfriend:-) they are rather affectionate!

So about this novel. . Do you have a working title? and the loft was a scream. literally. I was so confused!

I think you're my no 1 poster too! thanks for reading my blog:-)


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