Thursday, July 14, 2005

Crash Boom Bang!

Jiminy Cricket, it was really thundering. Right outside our house it sounded like. I had to go hold the dog. I was afraid he'd get electrocuted.

Work is crazy, as usual. Charlie. Today we took all our kids in my room, then he sat in the back, and I was in charge of pictionary and everything. Then he left them all with me at the end. I don't have a problem with that, but I wich he'd tell me what's up. You know, through the whole hour all he said to me was, "I wish I could take my kids in the Ed Center." I really don't mind that. But it's just weird sometimes. Do they think I"m a pushover looking for acceptance? Um, no. I'm easygoing, I don't mind. Josh is welcome to my fries and I don't mind giving him a dollar. I don't mind taking Charlie's kids in with mine, but .... A little help please.

Now Ana and I are packing for camp. We leave at 4 AM Saturday morning. Ana's going crazy. She's bringing almost everything blue. We're on the Blue team. I have matching luggage for the first time in my life. :P My backpack and duffel bag have a matching hibiscus pattern in blue. LLBean ROCKS! I've decided to forgo clean clothes and take Jacob with me. My duffel is big enough. He's going to tell his manager he's eloping with Miranda Otto. haha. that's actually .... not believable. Truthfully I don't think he would. Seriously, to run off with someone he's never met, who's faith is unknown, who's in Hollywood.... He wouldn't do it.

Jason, it was nice to talk to you after forever. You sound different and you do such funny voices and all.

I've really got to get back to packing. Dobree Dzyen


At 9:31 PM, July 14, 2005, Blogger Donut_Munky0 said...

me? you are the one that sound different.....
give me baguettes, or give me death!

At 10:24 PM, July 14, 2005, Blogger Mouth2big said...

Dobree dyeen! Enjoy camp lovely coconut! Blueeee

go anastasia - i'm not sure about the miranda otto idea; no one as pretty as she would take jacob:-)

At 11:39 PM, July 14, 2005, Blogger Orange Man said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:40 PM, July 14, 2005, Blogger Orange Man said...

Miranda Otto would take me any day.
The question is... would I take her? The answer as you all know is very simply, "yes." I will humble my contrite self to her level, albeit high as it is. Never underestimate Jacob's feelings for Miranda Otto.

At 11:40 PM, July 14, 2005, Blogger Orange Man said...

I'm coming Marguerite! I'm coming!!!

At 10:35 PM, July 24, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

You missed the bus. or something... Who keeps on deleting comments??? it makes me so curious to know what they were writing.

I have enjoyed camp immensely. (sp?) Loved it. I want to go to the BI now. More on all that later.

Marieke, I so wish you could have come.

I was crying like everyday. So Jacob would have hated me. I missed him too. I missed you all!

But the Lord is great. I did cry almost everyday, and the ones I didn't I felt like it. But that's not a bad thing. Most of the time it was because something was wrong in my life. And if I cried for everything wrong in me... I should be actually, but if I did, I'd be the girl of constant sorrow.

But we studied the first three chapters of Romans in our quiet time. And the Lord is gracious. And hates hypocrites. and don't judge anyone.


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