Saturday, September 17, 2005

Don't worry, I did survive English

I know you were all worried about me. That my professor decided right then and there to kill me. Alas, it isn't so. Every time I do anything to do with that class I am reminded of how AWFUL that paper was. It was/is awful. I think I'm going to burn it.

But in other news. I took the first Math and Spanish exams. I did ok, a B, in Math, when the average was a D. And I'm not sure yet in Spanish, my professora wasn't done with the grading on Wednesday. It was weird this weekend. Being the procrastinator that I am, yeah lazy, I did my lab work and the work book and the practice tests all on the same day. So I had spanish running through my head. If you talked to me, you would notice.

Around the house, I have an urge to put on my headphones and never take them off. To play loud loud music to drown stuff out. It's a battle ground and I'm tired of it. I have the same urge at school, because people don't know how to talk. Such filth comes out of their mouths. Everyone warned me it would be a shock. "The real world" they said. Well, talking and warning me doesn't do me one jot of good. Cause I'm going to have go sometime, why not prepare me for it. And I don't mean becoming accustomed to cursing. No thanks. You step off and suddenly you have to defend everything you've ever known, and frankly, I don't know how. People.

I am looking forward very much to "my house." A space that's just mine, where if I clean it and don't throw things down, it will remain clean.

This evening I'm hoping to go to a concert. FUN!

Did anything else happen this week? Hmmm. I've been riding the bus to and from school. Even on my own. Usually I ride with Joe. And he's an old hand with the bus system. It's strange how quickly two complete strangers can get to know eachother. We've known eachother for a month and people think we've known eachother since highschool. Or that we're good friends. When, we only see eachother or talk at school. I'm glad to know him though, he's much more confidant than I am. Crazy too. But who isn't.

One of the kids came down to snack yesterday and said, "did you dye your hair?" And I said "No....." Then she realized I wasn't Bethany. :) It's really funny how often that happens.

Did I mention that I have twins in my homework room? I think I did, but I shall mention it again. They're really cute, but pretty different. One is quiet, and the other one isn't really loud, but easily distracted. They dress alike. But one says the other always wears what he does. :) They're so sweet. I really enjoy my group of kids. I think I have more girls this year than last. But I still have ten boys. Which suits me fine, you don't get as much drama, "She won't talk to me!" and crying. I do deal with that anyway, but during snack, not homework or among our kids.

When you get to know some of the kids, your heart breaks for them. Or you see them change and you wonder what made that happen.

I'll sign off now. Until.


At 4:42 PM, September 17, 2005, Blogger Elisabeth said...

I know exactly what you mean about the horrid language at public schools. The only way I've found to not hear so much of it is to let people know around me that I don't like it. Usually they respect me enough to refrain from it in the future. But sometimes there are those who confront me saying I should "not be so offended" by it. Those people I usually debate with whenever I get the chance throughout the quarter. So, anyway don't be shy about defending your morals!!! We're in it together. :)

Will and I are riding the bus to college also! We figure it will save lots of $, what with gas and all. Best of luck and God's blessings to you!

At 5:19 PM, September 18, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

Is that where he disappeared off to? haven't seen him in ages and he hasn't posted anything either. Was wondering if perhaps his wish came true. :)

Thanks for the encouragement. Actually, my not talking like that has come up. Personally, I think it's ignorant to talk like that. I like to make up other wonderful terms, like writing something that says nothing. In two of my classes, the teachers don't curse, so for the most part the students don't. Except for the guy behind me in spanish everytime he gets called on. If he used a different word it would be comical.


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