Saturday, August 20, 2005

The County Fair

Yeah, we went to the county fair today. It never ceases to amaze me. Just all the different people that live in our county. Ok, I guess I'm labeling people again. But that's a post all in itself.

See, we live on the east end of the county. And we don't go to the west end very often at all. That's the end with the farms and such. Also, we don't hang out at the same places most of the people that come to the county fair do. We're not preschoolers and we're not hicks. I have nothing against either one. But truth be known, I wouldn't know where to find them if I tried. At least not in our county. Ok, perhaps that's not true. I know a lot of them live in our own town. But we do more stuff in the town next door. The town that's half country club half ghetto.

Boy. I like the rides there though. I can sit on the Scrambler for hours, spinning round and round. I don't like rollercoasters. But give me a good fast spinny ride and you can leave me there for hours. Well, at least three turns. That's how many times in a row we rode the scrambler. And then we went to the mud bog and got nice and baked. Like red. Yeah I know dan, I tell you all the time to wear sunscreen, and what do I do, not wear sunscreen. Now I'm all red, again. And my brothers and their friend. :) But it was a lot of fun.

I added some new links. If I've forgottem anyone, please let me know. I don't have Elisabeth's. I'm working on it. :D Jason, when you get here, if you still need help with yours, let me know.

I start school on monday. Oh Boy. I'm nervous. What if i forget something? What if I'm really too stupid for the Honors class I'm taking? What if my professors hate me? Thankfully they're all women. I don't know why that would make a difference, but it does. Unless they're feminists. That could get interesting. :D

I'm rambling on and should go to sleep.

My sisters are at a debate picnic thingy. This year's resolution is to change the medical malpractice policy. Jason, when you get here, it's going to be just us, against all those Debate Nerds filling their heads with Medical malpractice stuff, and spewing it back out at us at random moments, sparking heated discussions about everything to do with it. You are lucky. You missed the petroleum addiction resolution last year. That's not what it was called, but perhaps it will keep certain people from spewing random facts. :D

And to all a Goodnight.


At 1:32 AM, August 21, 2005, Blogger Dan said...

You dern hypocrite! hehe

At 5:17 AM, August 21, 2005, Blogger Flatbill said...

I'm Back!!! But too late to be first :(

I have Just spent the past week traped on a boat with nothing to do but eat everything in sight, sleep as long as I want, dance till morning light, and never lift a finger for anything that I wanted. It was torture!

Well I guess that I could use the gym and the pool to work off the pounds. (which I greatly took advantage of)

There was tons of liquer on board, I suspect that it was even in the food.

But, hey!

I have been to the east and I understand the vast cultural differences that there are between the country and the city. The cultures are more or less mearged in Seattle whith the two regions just a ferry boat ride away. Eastern washington is a different story though. It is really issolated as exclusively for farming. All of the culture is the same but the politics are really different.

Speaking of which! I found it astounding that the majority of people going on the cruize were more or less Conservative. It was a great group of people.

I loved the staff of the boat!
As you probably guessed. All of the computers in the fleet crashed and we were all in Juneo trying to get all accounted for but none of the computers worked. They didn't pannic they all got out there and started a big party and entertained everyone. They never missed a beat.

I am sorry but I liked my venting so much that I am making parts of it my new post, Coming Soon!

Frisbees don't work on ships,


At 1:50 PM, August 21, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

Yeah, Dan, I know. But, which hypocrisy are you talking about?

WILL!!!! Welcome Back!!! We missed you immensely!! I'm so sorry you had to go through that torture. You know any of us would have gone in your place. :P Heehee you ee. Good to have you back.

At 1:52 PM, August 21, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

oh. yeah. the sunscreen thing. And I'm burning for it. heap coals of shame upon my head. :P

At 9:31 AM, August 22, 2005, Blogger Donut_Munky0 said...

HA HA!!!
Gimli? who has facial hair now?

At 7:25 AM, August 23, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

Well, you know the family resemblance. You're one of the few who actaully knows my dad. :P

And the other one got on my nerves awfully.

I never said I was Gimli, you actually said you were a mad cat. :)

At 8:10 PM, August 23, 2005, Blogger Donut_Munky0 said...



At 10:08 PM, August 23, 2005, Blogger Orange Man said...

Hi people I'm back. Gimli, you need a haircut.

At 10:09 PM, August 23, 2005, Blogger Donut_Munky0 said...


evil furbies

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!! \_/

At 10:09 PM, August 23, 2005, Blogger Orange Man said...

Death to furbies!!!


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