Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm sitting in a railway staton.... Aw never mind.

Have I told you all that I like Simon and Garfunkel? Well I do. So there. They're left over from my hippie stage.

I really don't have anything that I want to write about. There's still the thing with my sister trying to marry me off, and then bringing it up again. There's the thing on monday. I rode the bus home and had a nice conversation. Or perhaps not so simpatico. Joe and I talked about beliefs and such. He says he's going to make up his own religion and he believes in Evolution. Hardly anyone does anymore. It's just stupid.

We had a quiz today in Spanish which I'm fairly certain I flunked. I'm awful at spelling. I mean I could probably do okay using the words in a sentence.... but ... Oh well. She drops the lowest grade.

I tuned a string on my guitar by ear. Yay. I"ve never done that before. And it actually sounds decent. Not perfect, but decent.

We went camping. It rained. We went in a cave. That was cool. Actually it was really cool. And cold too. I drove my car on a real road.

I placed right behind Jason in the snowmobile game we played at Chuck E. Cheese's. That was really fun. It was really cool to see Jason again. It reminded me of how crazy he is. Or was. He's mellowed out a bit I think.

Second English class tonight. We get to actually meet our teacher. El Professor. Scary, you know. Like, we have to have read stuff and have stuff ready for him before we meet him. Which is scary, because you know nothing about him.

How about a career as a foriegn correspondent? That could be fun. Like as a journalist. OOh.

HSG starts next week I believe. Yay. I'm going to miss it so much. Do you know how different it is to be surrounded by people who aren't Christians and don't have the same values? Ugh. So different. What I"m going to miss most of all is the afternoons spent in Gary's office discussing stuff. Some stuff completely dumb and some Biblical. I probably learned the most there.

OK, well I have homework to finish. Later.


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