Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh my. Head. I am sick!

this stupid cold. It came on yesterday, quickly, and now I can hardly talk.

Yesterday was the Odessey of the Mind meet. Jacob and Kate's team is going to states, on Three awards. They competed in two problems, something that is not common, they used the same skit for both, and they did the balsa wood problem. Their, structure, just over eight inches tall and weighing only 15 grams, held 311 pounds. They won that problem because they had no competition. They won the Jungle Bloke problem because their skit was marvelous. Clair played her harp, Patty and Kate danced, Benjamin and Jacob played Watson and Sherlock Holmes. They also won the Renatra Fusca (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) for their creativity in making the same answer to both problems. And doing an Excellent job of it. It was REALLY good. We had four or five homeschool teams from co-op, my three brothers were on one of them. They placed fourth. Another placed second and then there was J&K's team who placed first in two problems. When one of the groups was going up to recieve their certificate, a group of people yelled some anti homeschooler stuff at them. ARGH! That's so mean. Really. Unsportsmanlike. But at the same time, while the balsa team was setting up, one of the spectators sitting next to me turned to her neighbor and started talking about how she remembered one of our teams from last year and how good they were. :)

It's pretty neat that they won, because they used Bible verses and a moral and everything in their skit. :D Now the message will travel farther.


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