Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So Bethany is in London.

I never thought I'd miss her this much. But I do. She leaves and suddenly all this stuff comes up that I need her for. AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE HER EMAIL!

But... She's having a great time and I can't ruin it with my whining. You can read about her adventures at http://bethanysineurope.blogspot.com .

In other news, I'm out of school and enjoying it immensely. I sleep until noon. I don' t mean to, honest.

Today I won a one legged race. And I got a trophy for using Ain't correctly.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. The guys at church all went and sang for the ladies. I think we all died laughing.

What are your views on Donut Holes? Are they actually the holes of donuts? because holes are actually nothing. Also consider the quandry of jelly filled donut holes.

Note to self: January 31st.


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